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JANUARY 29, 2015 Questions and answers: Q: How’s Dave? A: Doing well. You can hear for yourself on the radio show and see for yourself on AM Northwest. This newest round of chemo is the result of two tests that were run recently. One was positive for recurrence, the other (more detailed) was negative. So what would YOU do?  You can’t take the chance, you proceed to the next round of treatments, just in case. It’s just chemo this time (as if that isn’t enough) and we will take each day one by one. It is sometimes difficult to keep the schedule he has. For instance, every other Monday he has a full day of chemo, so he’s off radio and TV.  Then he wears a bulky chemo pack that he cannot remove for 48 hours. So he skips TV those days. The rest of the time it is what his energy will allow.  So far, so good. Everyone knows Dave operates in a higher gear than the rest of us. Q: You guys keep alluding to Mancation. That is still on? Yes, for the 9th year we will head to Vegas for winter rounds of golf. Except down there it’s spring, as you know. Same four guys all these years, and while we are there we will make plans for Mancation 10. We have not set up any shows to see yet. if you have any recommendations, tell us here: Q: Mark, have you let your moutache grow back? A: From Mark:  Not yet. Not sure when it will happen, if ever. After 32 years I am kinda enjoying not having to shave around my lip, ha! Makes life easier. See Louise react to seeing Mark without a moustache for the first time EVER! She’s only known him all these years with that ‘stache: