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FEBRUARY 8, 2016 It is with great sadness that I must share with you that my “occupational partner,” Dave Anderson, passed away on February 7, 2016 at 9:17pm. His battle with pancreatic cancer was an open book for many who listened to our Mark & Dave Show on AM 860 KPAM (and 1190 KEX before that) and who watched Dave on AM NORTHWEST on Channel 2. He filled his daily battle with the disease with humor and purpose and never succumbed to the seductive lure of self-pity -- truly an inspiration to all. His incredible family was with him by his side, caring for him and carrying the weight of everyone around them, as he slipped peacefully from his earthly bonds. Now a short, personal note. I lost my best friend last night. But I left nothing on the table between me and Dave. There was absolutely nothing that I needed to say to him during his final struggle that I didn’t say to him when he was alive, and I think he would say the same for me. We talked, texted, or email every day without fail. You don’t live in a small studio with a guy for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, and play golf with him on weekends unless you really like the guy, and I loved him. I am at peace knowing he knew that. The only thing I will regret is not seeing or talking to my best friend every day. That’s personal. I’ll deal with it by leaning on 14 years of an absolutely incredible friendship. Thanks for the kind thoughts, knowing you are also extending them to his wonderful family. FEBRUARY 9, 2016 UPDATE 1: For the next couple of days we’ll air some archived Mark & Dave shows/segments, a chance to hear and share Dave do what he did so unbelievably well ... one last time. 3 to 6, AM860 KPAM. And brag about it. FEBRUARY 24, 2016 I’ve updated the “store” link so you can download his first CD from iTunes, “Who Will Find Me, Who Will Care.”  His latest CD, “Unprepared” will appear on iTunes soon!  (His signature will stay because we were a team.)