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AUGUST 11, 2014 I remember joking with Dave that we’d remember the Summer of 2014 as the “summer that never was...”  Now I realize I was probably NOT joking, because the summer has been a blur. When a friend or family member goes through cancer treatment you are on the front lines, too. Here it is August and summer’s almost over. We hardly got a chance to enjoy it. I won’t lie, hosting the Mark & Dave show without Dave hasn’t been my favorite thing to do all summer. I love what I do and love being in the studio with you every afternoon. But I think you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say there are some people who make going to work just that much more fun -- and Dave is that person for me. I guess it shows on the air. So Dave’s back on Monday with tales to tell of battles fought and battles yet to be fought. Like you, I’m hoping it sticks. Both Dave and I have communicated faithfully these past months, but I have not seen him personally. Many of the shows we were able to cobble together were done with me at KPAM and Dave at his home studio. So when the show gets underway tomorrow, those will be genuine emotions you hear. We’ll tell some stories, laugh a little, ha, maybe even cry a little, but it’ll be the way it’s supposed to be. Talk to you at 3,