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SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 Not too shabby. Very pleased. PS.  TOO MANY people are asking where we are these days. Folks are asking friends of ours, “where are Mark & Dave?” We know it’s a process reaching EVERYBODY and we’re trying. Can you help? Mention us to your friends and let them know Mark & Dave are back on 860AM KPAM.  Thanks!
OCTOBER 14, 2014 A MESSAGE FROM MARK:  As a Type II diabetic, there aren’t a lot of things I get excited about when it comes to taking care of myself. I think we all harbor a bit of a resentment for the lifestyle changes it imposes. For me that was the daily testing of blood sugars. When I started I was militant about keeping track of my readings, but it meant stabbing my finger with a lancing device a few times a day. I hated it from the first test. Over the years I got so tired of lancing myself I did what too many diabetics do, I tested less and less and at one point stopped testing. A big 6’9” guy who hated sticking himself with a needle a bunch of times a day. Kind of embarassing. Recently, I was introduced to a revolutionary new diabetic lancing device called GENTEEL.  Their motto is “No More Ouch.” Without too much detail, you can test anywhere on your body (fingers, leg, arm - wherever) and you don’t feel a thing! It’s remarkable. By comparison, the old, poorly engineeered lancing devices I have always known seem primitive. Prehistoric. Now I am a testing maniac. I test numerous times a day, doing my own research about what foods affect me more than others, which workouts have the greatest benefit, and a host of other experiments I’m curious about. And with GENTEEL I feel nothing. Zip Zap Nada. FULL DISCLOSURE: GENTEEL is now a co-sponsor of the Mark & Dave Show on KPAM, so we’ll be telling you more about them in the days and weeks ahead. But I’m not writing this because they buy ads on our show. They don’t know I’m doing this. I am writing to share with you that if you are like me and HATE GETTING STABBED to take your blood sugar readings, this is your (or any diabetic you know) answer. Thank you GENTEEL. PS.  Write me here and I’ll tell you how to save a few bucks if you decide GENTEEL is right for you, too.